Categories and Forms

2018 ACRA Entries

2018 entries close on the 18th of May.

1. Hall of Fame logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
2. Best Marketing Campaign logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
3. Engineering Excellence logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
4. Brian White Award for Radio Journalism logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
5. Best Newcomer Off-Air logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
6. Best Newcomer On-Air logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
7. Best Entertainment/ Music Presenter logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
8. Best Talk Presenter logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
9. Best On-Air Team logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
10. Best Current Affairs Presenter logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
11. Best Sports Presenter logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
12. Best Sports Event Coverage logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
13. Best News Presenter logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
14. Best Show Producer - Entertainment/Music logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
15. Best Show Producer - Talk/ Current Affairs logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
16. Best Music Director logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
17. Best Program Director logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
18. Best Digital Radio Format logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
19. Best Comedy Segment logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
20. Best Networked Program logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
21. Best Syndicated Australian Program logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
22. Best Documentary logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
23. Best Achievement in Production logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
24. Best Music Special logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
25. Best Station Sales Achievement logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
26. Best Agency Salesperson logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
27. Best Direct Salesperson logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
28a. Best Station Produced Commercial - Single logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
28b. Best Station Produced Commercial - Campaign logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
29a. Best Multimedia Execution - Station logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
29b. Best Multimedia Execution - Sales logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
30. Best Sales Promotion logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
31. Best Station Promotion logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
32. Best Promotions Director logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
33. Best Community Service Project logo-adobe-pdf.jpg
34. Best Original Podcast - Branded 
35. Best Original Podcast - Unbranded
36. Best Radio Show Podcast
Payment Form / Tax Invoice logo-adobe-pdf.jpg

Head to Hints & Tips to see what it takes to submit a winning ACRA entry and the FAQs in preparation for submitting your entry this year.