Hints & Tips


Preparing a winning ACRA entry

Make sure you follow the below hints and tips to ensure your entry has maximum impact on the judges and isn’t disadvantaged in any way!

Entry Details & Special Entry Forms:

  • Demonstrate versatility, innovation and creativity
  • Your entry must address all criteria on the entry form
  • Include your official ACMA identity (eg. 2SYD) as well as your on-air ID (eg. Nova 96.9) to ensure your station is properly identified
  • Pay close attention to completing name and title entry details – they need to appear exactly as they would appear on a finalist’s certificate or winner’s trophy
  • Do not staple, bind or submit entries in folders and only provide photocopies of supporting material – not originals
  • If you can’t fit your response in the spaces made available on the Special Entry Form – feel free to complete on a separate page ensuring you do not exceed the page limit. Judges will not assess information which exceeds the maximum limits. 
  • Ensure your Station Manager or General Manager signs your Special Entry Form where required.


  • Judges want to hear a lot more of you and less of other people and music
  • Entries should be exactly as broadcast – no added background music or sound effects
  • Ensure your entry is broadcast quality
  • Make sure your audio sticks to the time limit for the category – once again, judges will not assess audio that exceeds the maximum limits
  • Get your best material up front on your audio – make it the first thing the judges hear to capture their attention and imagination
  • State your name and station only at the beginning of your entry – there should be no music or noise in the background – no production, no station IDS
  • Your name and station tag can be on top of the stated audio limit for the category but the tag should not exceed three seconds
  • Ideally provide a selection of material, except where stated otherwise
  • Audio should be submitted on CD or uploaded to the website for online entries
  • Do not submit the same audio entry for different categories – it will be noticed - especially if your entry makes it through to Finalist judging.

Supporting Material:

  • For Best Multimedia Execution compile examples, please click here
  • For Best Marketing Campaign examples, please click here
  • All supporting material is strictly limited to one page, except where stated otherwise
  • Check and double check the checklist for your entry before submission
  • It is recommended that you do not submit the same audio entry for different categories



More hints & tips for individual categories can be found on the relevant entry forms.

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions can be found here!