The Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs) are organised by Commercial Radio & Audio (CRA). These prestigious national awards encompass 51 categories and cover all areas of radio broadcasting and digital audio. 
Each year, judges donate countless hours of their time to select the ACRA finalists and winners. 
Each award has been grouped into one of the six categories:

  1. Entertainment, Music and Talent
  2. Talk, News and Sports
  3. Production
  4. Sales and Marketing
  5. Podcasts and Digital
  6. Specialist Awards
The judging involves two rounds:
Round 1: Finalist vetting
Each category is judged by a panel of radio peers who review all applications and determine the finalists.
Round 2: Winners judging
Executives and specialists from each area representing the CRA members, determine the winners from the finalists.
This year, each category also has an independent judge who will also, in the case of a tie, be the arbiter.
There are three additional group of judges:
  • The CRA Board - judging award: Hall of Fame.
  • People / HR Group -judging award: Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Music Group - judging award: Music Director of they Year, Best Music Feature, Australian Music Champion - The Gudinski

Judges of 2023 ACRA Awards.
Rebecca Ackland
Bec Alexander
Guy Ashford
Darryl Bailey
Dan Baker
Elle Beattie
Stephen Beers
Nicole Bence
Geoff Bickerton
Kate Blakeley
Amanda Bollans
Adrian Brine
Mike Byrne
Greg Byrnes
Dave Cameron
Sue Carter
Jaime Chaux
Nikki Clarkson
Peter Clay
Sophie Cook
Mat Cummins
Mary Datoc
Pete Davidson
Luke Davis
Jo Dick
Sally Dodson
Allie Drower
Max Dudley
Fiona Ellis-Jones
Dom Evans
Angela Ewers
Mike Fitzpatrick
Keith Fowler
Simon Gale
Ewan Giles
Chris Gregson
Matt Gudinski
Catrina Harding
Kieran Hayes
Andrew Howe
Genevieve Jacobs
Arielle Jamsek
Adam Johnson
Lauren Joyce
Johnno Keetels
Wade Kingsley
David Konsky
Corey Layton
Brad Leask
Amanda Lee
Ali Longhurst
David McClung
Trent McCurdy
Siobhain McDonnell
Scott Menz
Jay Mueller
Kate Murphy
Paul Murray
Brett Nozz Nossiter
Eoghan O’Byrne
Daniel Pearson
Raoul Prideaux
Ryan Rathbone
Geoff Speed
Mia Stern
Brendan Taylor
Mark Taylor
Russell Thomas
Sam Thompson
Darcy Thomson
Grant Tothill
Ralph Van Dijk
Dr Saba Vasefi
Jon Vertigan
Kirsten Vile
Fennella Wagener
Emily White
James Willis
Melanie Withnall

No judge can be involved in a vote for a person they have a close personal tie to – family, partner or close personal friend.